Ellison, Jacinta
Email:  jellison@theeaacademyk5.org

Fletcher, Heather
Email:  hfletcher@theeaacademyk5.org

Leal, Martha
Email: mleal@theeaacademyk5.org

1st Grade

Anaya, Aranely
Email:  aanaya@theeaacademyk5.org
Benitez, Glenna
Email:  gbenitez@theeaacademyk5.org
Sedlmeyer, Kimberly

Email:  ksedlmeyer@theeaacademyk5.org

2nd Grade
Bulgarella, Nicole
Email: nbulgarella@theeaacademyk5.org

Ross, Maria
Email:  mross@theeaacademyk5.org

Verklan, Madeline
Email:  mverklan@theeaacademyk5.org

3rd Grade

Donahue, Brennah
Email:  bdonahu@theeaacademyk5.org

Taylor, Bethany
Email:  btaylor@theeaacademyk5.org

4th Grade

Bowden, Morgan
Email:  mbowden@theeaacademyk5.org

Burcroff, Colleen
Email:  cwilliams@theeaacademyk5.org

5th Grade

William Gray , Lewis
Email:  lgray@theeaacademyk5.org

Wilson, Beth 
Email:  bwilson@theeaacademyk5.org


Teachers at Escuela Avancemos Academy are evaluated using the Marzano system. For more information on this process, please click the below to access the Marzano website:




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