Other Important School Policies

Enrollment Policy

Students entering grade K-6th grade are invited to apply for enrollment by filling out an enrollment form which can be found at the school’s main office and return all required documentation. Students already at Escuela Avancemos! will re-enroll during the assigned enrollment period in the spring. If capacity is insufficient to enroll a student, all eligible students who fill out an enrollment form and attend an information session will be entered into a lottery of all eligible applicants. All eligible students thereafter will be entered into a lottery, closing on the last day of each month, which shall be conducted on the first day of each month until the start of school. When a position becomes available, the list for the position’s grade is accessed. Students may enroll during the current school year if there is sufficient capacity in their particular grade level. Siblings are given enrollment preference.


If a student requires prescribed medication during the school day, he/she must have a permission slip signed by a parent/guardian. The medication must be taken to the school’s office as soon as the student arrives to Escuela Avancemos! and must be in the original prescription container labeled with the recommended dosage. An administrator or school nurse will dispense the medication at the prescribed times. Over the counter medications will not be dispensed at any time prior to written permission from the parent/guardian. At no time is a student permitted to have medication in his/her possession unless prior approval has been obtained.

Parental Concerns

To address a concern or seek resolution to a problem at Escuela Avancemos!, please address the school’s leader or administrator if you have a concern first and foremost. If your concern is not addressed to your satisfaction, contact a representative of Escuela Avancemos! Governing Board of Directors. This representative may work with you to resolve the issue or may take the issue to the Board for inclusion at the next meeting. A list of the Board members is available at the front of this handbook.

Student Emergencies

If a student becomes seriously ill or injured during instructional hours (on or off school grounds), parent/guardian contact will be made as specified on the school emergency card. A parent/guardian must keep the school informed of any changes in work, home, or emergency phone numbers. Every effort will be made to inform parent/guardian quickly. A parent/guardian must notify the school regarding child custody information that affects the release of health and academic records, or the release of the child from school. Students will be released only to their parent/guardian, unless the school has received written notification of changes.

Student Records

The following records must be on file in the school office at the beginning of each school year.

  • Consent for Medical Treatment Form
  • Emergency Contact Form

Withdrawal from School/Transfer of Records

If a parent/guardian and student move to another school district during the school year or summer months, the student’s records will be sent to the appropriate school at the request of the school. A parent/guardian should be certain that there are no fees due prior to transferring records.

Student Staying with Another Family

If a student is staying with another family in the absence of the parent/guardian for a short term, the school must be notified with a notarizing note stating the dates the parent/guardian will be away and the name and number of the designated responsible person. The information will be used in case of an illness or an emergency.

Attendance Policy

Escuela Avancemos Academy Attendance Policy 2018-2019

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