School Policies on Behavior and Discipline

Escuela Avancmeos! has a detailed Character Education and Behavior Policy Packet. Please refer to this particular packet for detailed information regarding Responsive Classroom and Esucela Avancemos! – School-Wide Behavior Model.

Defining the Ideal

Escuela Avancemos! strives to create an environment that honors the following elements.

  • Physical appearance of the school building, outside and in
  • Levels of physical safety and emotional safety for children and adults
  • Routines for arrival, class transitions, lunch times, and dismissal
  • Tone of courtesy, kindness, and acceptance in peer culture
  • Ways in which student achievements are shared within the school community and beyond.
  • Aspects of the school that define it in the larger community
  • Respect for multiple forms of diversity

Maintaining Positive School Culture

Part of maintaining a culture of quality is taking the time as a school community (staff, families, students, greater community) to build and sustain structure, traditions, and protocols to make sure these realms of the school are positive. There are no shortcuts to building and maintaining a school community of courtesy and kindness, of integrity and responsibility. Being strict and issues of character and physical environment is essential. Strict rules alone may maintain order but do not guarantee that children will treat each other well or feel good about themselves. What is necessary is a school community that not only demands the best of its students in terms of character but that model that character through school tone, routines, and practice. This work cannot be attended to with little effort, in the margins of the school day. At Escuela Avancemos! these efforts are viewed as a primary and explicit priority and commitment of time, all day, every day.

When the Ideal is Compromised

When a student does not believe in a manner that is compatible with the school’s ideal every effort will be made to provide the student with opportunities for self-improvement and individual growth. Administrators, teachers, and community members share the responsibility for supporting students struggling with issues of character and school culture. Escuela Avancemos! also recognizes the power of positive peer pressure. This type of support is an important force for “right” when actively shaped and directed. Students in each crew are encouraged to model appropriate behavior and to help positively govern the actions and attitudes of their peers. A common language is used to address questionable behavior: IS IT SAFE? IS IT KIND? IS IT APPROPRIATE? This simple code is designed to initiate a set of specific rules, rights, and consequences, it is neither exhaustive nor inflexible. Albeit situations of all natures occur, it is expected that any situation will be handled with common sense and in a manner consistent with the guidelines established herein.

Expectations for Student Behavior

Students are expected to be in control of and responsible for their behavior and actions. During school events and while on school property, students may not:

  • Fight or physically harass other students
  • Be in possession of or use any alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs
  • Be in possession of or use prescription medication without first notifying the school administrator.
  • Cheat on assignments or tests
  • Fail to comply with safety rules and requests
  • Be vulgar, sexist, racist or other offensive language or actions
  • Be insubordinate, disrespectful, or aggressive towards staff, instructors, classmates, or others who are associated with the school
  • Leave classroom without the instructor’s permission
  • Cause intentional damage to school property
  • Improperly use school computers in violation with user agreement


Consequences for discipline problems will vary according to the situation and frequency and severity of the misbehaviors. Possible consequences will include, but not be limited to:

  • Participation in Alternative Programs
  • Parent Conferences
  • Development and enforcement of behavioral contracts
  • Individual or group counseling
  • Payment or material to replace or repair damaged property
  • Restricted use of school facilities
  • Exclusion from particular school activities and special events
  • Reimbursement or compensation for loss or damage to property
  • Community Service
  • Present an apology or reflection
  • In-school suspension
  • Out-of-school suspension
  • Expulsion

In School Suspension

The school administrator or designee may give in school suspension for less serious offenses. In school suspensions may last from half a day to three days. During in school suspension, students are not counted as absent. The students stay in the principal’s office the entire day and are expected to work on their schoolwork and will lose their recess privilege for those days. Parents will be notified of the in-school suspension and behavior that led to it.

Out of School Suspension

The school administrator or designee may suspend a student for up to five days for school rule violation and up to ten days for serious violations. The suspension may be extended for an additional ten days if the circumstances warrant. Anther ten days of suspension may be given by the school administrator in order to allow time to present the matter to Escuela Avancemos! Board of Director. Parents will be notified initially by phone and then in writing of each suspension. When a suspension happens;

  • Students will stay home and are prohibited from entering school property during the duration of the suspension.
  • Absences will be clarified as unexcused absences and will count towards the 10 allowable absences.

The student may not be readmitted until a meeting between the school administrator or designee and the student’s parent/guardian has taken place.

Alternative to suspension

A student that has been suspended may remain in school if the student’s parent/guardians attends class with the student for a period of time to be determined by the school administrator.


Escuela Avancemos! Governing School Board may expel a student for violation of any of the grounds for suspension. Expulsion means that a student may not attend school, may not be on the school property, and may not participate in school activities for a specific period of time determined by the Escuela Avancemos! School Board not to exceed one full academic year. The board may also deny admission to any student who was expelled from any school district during the preceding 12 months. The following can lead to expulsion:

  • Any behavior considered to be dangerous or threatening to others.
  • Continued willful disobedience or open and persistent defiance
  • Chronically truant students
  • Destruction of school property
  • Scholastic dishonesty
  • Any “other” infraction deemed serious enough by the school board.

Expulsion shall be mandatory for habitually disruptive students, possession of  a dangerous weapon on school property or at school event, Sale or transfer of drugs or controlled substance on school property or at school events, robbery or assault on school property or at school events.

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