Academic Accountability


At Escuela Avancemos! Learning Expeditions, which are in depth studies of a rich topic, are how teachers design and develop curriculum. Utilizing Michigan State Standards and National Academic Standards (Common Core Standards) as a guide, Escuela Avancemos! teachers explicitly teach reading, writing, social studies, science, Spanish, and the art predominately through the lens in the Learning Expedition and provide multiple opportunities for students to recognize the relevance of their learning.


All teachers at Escuela Avancemos! use a variety of teaching strategies to engage all students. Students are active learners, experiencing what they are learning and constantly making connections.


Escuela Avancemos! teachers keep assessment practice at the forefront of their teaching. Instead of using assessment as a punitive, fear-based motivator, assessment at Escuela Avancemos! is healthy, whole and comprehensive, while still maintaining a level of accountability. There are several assessment structures that both students and parents will understand at Escuela Avancemos!

    • Learning Targets: All teachers at Escuela Avancemos! write both long-term and supporting learning targets (explicit objectives for learning) that reflect standards for learning and are written in student-friendly language. Learning Targets clarify the purpose for learning and allow students to self-reflect and track their progress towards meeting their learning goals.
    • Habits of Work: All students at Escuela Avancemos! will receive a “Habits of Work” assessment that considers responsibility for learning including: work completion, participation, collaboration, following expectations and craftsmanship.
    • Portfolios: All students at Escuela Avancemos! will build portfolios that display evidence of learning and align to long-term learning targets. Portfolios will be developed and shared with parents during portfolio presentations.
    • Student-Led Conferences: Student/parent conferences are scheduled three times during the school year: November, January, and April. Because these conferences are such an important part of your child’s learning at Escuela Avancemos!, parents/guardians’ attendance is required.
    • Communicating Results: The practice at Escuela Avancemos! is to communicate academic and social progress through rubrics, learning target evaluations, self, peer, and teacher feedback, portfolios, student-led conferences, and quarterly assessment reports.

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