Progressive Learning Model

Student Improvement Plan 2018-2019


Escuela Avancemos! has developed an engaging learning model that fosters an innovative school structure and progressive educational practices.

    1. Progress Reports:
      Escuela Avancemos! students’ progress reports utilize the language; Beginning, Developing, and Accomplished and Exemplary. Students receive quarterly progress reports and two formal report cards at the end of each semester. All progress reports will be translated in the student’s home language.
    2. Flexible Classroom Spaces:
      Escuela Avancemos! classrooms are arranged to foster a collaborative learning model and also to encourage movement education. There are tables instead of individual desks in all classrooms. Classrooms also have large spaces for CREW (whole group meetings and character education activities). Which are essential to building a supportive community of learners.
    3. Discussions, Collaboration, Activities:
      Students’ conversations are pivotal to learning at Escuela Avancemos!. Deep learning takes place when children challenge one another, ask questions, share ideas, and build on one another’s knowledge. Escuela Avancemos! classrooms are full of the sound of learning as children are encouraged to consult with one another, discover answers to questions through reference, movement, consulting information on the walls, etc. Children move through their learning. Learning is purposefully engaging and dynamic.
    4. Fieldwork and Escuela Avancemos! Curriculum:
      Learning extends beyond the walls of Escuela Avancemos!; learning is connected to the world. Students frequently engage in work in the field, sometimes once or twice a week. Fieldwork is deeply woven into each grade level’s curriculum. It is an opportunity for children to “live-out” their learning and make connections to the practical applications of their learning. Attendance is required for fieldwork as much as it is in the classroom. The field may be a park, a theater, a different city, a hospital, a courtroom, a museum, a restaurant etc.
    5. Primary Sources as a Model for Literacy:
      Escuela Avancemos! promotes a literacy rich learning environment. Children are consistently encouraged to connect to content and skills through exposure to authentic literary resources. By exploring primary source documents, trade books, publications, literary treasures and a variety of stories, children gain knowledge and develop information-gathering skills. Literary resources are collected by classroom teachers to enhance expeditions, develop their best work.
    6. Revisions for Enhanced Learning:
      A finished product at Escuela Avancemos! incorporates the rigor of multiple drafts. This practice reaches across grades and disciplines. Improving on work through guided feedback and continued practiced is common. Teachers guide students from draft to draft. Students collaborate to assess the work of their peers. Rubrics established high standards for finished products and guide students as they strive to develop their best work.
    7. Teacher/Student/Parent Team:
      Escuela Avancemos! we encourage parents and guardians to share ideas and perception of their children and experiences at Escuela Avancemos!.We expect parents/guardians to check in with their children’s teachers and to demonstrate an interest in their child’s learning. Parents feedback is significant and continues to drive our learning community to grow in positive ways. As a team and community our students shall be responsible for their own learning. They will consistently learn to interact, question, prompt, and develop their physical and intellectual selves. Teachers facilitate these learning experience and continue along their path as life-long-learners. Within this context, Escuela Avancemos! expects students to explore, wonder, hypothesize, create, and discuss their ideas about the world. This is hard work! We expect every parent of Escuela Avancemos! student to actively participate in the learning experience.
    8. Homework:
      It is significant for Escuela Avancemos! parents to support their child’s efforts with homework. Classroom homework policies are developed and implemented by the classroom teachers. Students are expected to follow their classroom procedures and policies. Completing homework as assigned is a responsibility of each learner. Please encourage your child to be a responsible learner.
    9. Safety:
      Escuela Avancemos! has high expectations for safety. It follows safety measures conscientiously and always errs on the conservative side. Every precaution is taken to ensure your child’s safety. Escuela Avancemos! staff is required to have up to date CPR and First Aide certifications. The staff is safety conscious and follows particular safety protocols as outlined by the Michigan Department of Education as well as the Escuela Avancemos Staff Handbook.

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