Introduction to Escuela Avancemos!

Our Mission:

Prepare, educate, and inspire every child, every day to become lifelong learners and leaders in a 21st century world.

Escuela Avancemos Academy is based on a community school model that integrates academic, health and social services, youth and community development, and community engagement.  The community school model allows Escuela Avancemos to offer a personalized curriculum that is both rigorous and engaging.  We believe children learn best through personal, direct experience. Learning begins with children’s curiosity about the world. It harnesses children’s natural passion to learn and helps them develop the curiosity, knowledge,

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skills, and personal qualities they need for successful adulthood. Learning expeditions — journeys into the unknown for a definite purpose – are the heart of this methodology. Students acquire knowledge and skills primarily through learning expeditions that make connections among all learning disciplines. Instruction is individualized, meeting the individual needs of every student.  With project-based learning expeditions as the core element, Escuela Avancemos! curriculum includes:

  • Success for All: A nationally-renowned, research-based literacy curriculum that is designed to accelerate a student’s ability to read through leveled reading instruction.
  • Eureka Math: Perfectly aligned to the Common Core Standards, Eureka Math is particularly well-researched in teaching English Language Learners (ELLs) math through connections to real life experiences.  Eureka Math teaches mathematics through a “story,” rather than through memorization.
  • Supplementary Instruction: The academy uses Achieve 3000 and Study Island to supplement core instruction.  Students can logon from home and work at their own pace on their Individualized Success Plans (ISPs).
  • Fieldwork: Allowing students to learn within and providing service to their community.
  • Adventure and Environmental Education: Challenging students, fostering teamwork, and nurturing students’ understanding of nature.
  • Integrated Fine Arts: Developing critical thinking and creativity within the curriculum.
  • Social Studies: Focusing on placed-based education while maximizing our local cultural resources.
  • Foreign Language Instruction: Emphasizing bilingualism (Spanish).
  • Social and Environmental Justice: Developing and understanding of integrity, caring for others and the earth.

Escuela Avancemos! is committed to providing a rich learning environment for students from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, student with a range of abilities, affinities, and strengths. We encourage enrollment by all members of the community. Escuela Avancemos! is a school for the people by the people.

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