About EA

Our Mission: Prepare, educate, and inspire every child, every day to become lifelong learners and leaders in a 21st century world.

Escuela Avancemos Academy is a K-6 school authorized by Central Michigan University located in the heart of Southwest Detroit. It opened its doors in 2012 with 60 kindergartners and has now grown to include over 300 students from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The academy utilizes an innovative and organic framework where each student’s identity drives the inclusive learning process. Our dedicated staff inspires our students to succeed at the highest level by educating with love, restorative principles, and community engagement.  Student’s academic success is apparent in our data and their happiness is evident through the laughter and sense of belonging that reverberates throughout the academy.  Escuela Avancemos Academy inspires students to be bi-literate life long leaders and learners in our 21st-century world.

Escuela Avancemos! is based on the Expeditionary Learning (EL) philosophy. Expeditionary Learning is one of seven “break the mold” schools designs funded in the early 1900s by New American Schools, a presidential and private sector initiative that called for radically new models of education built upon high standards and yielding dramatic improvement in student achievement.

There are now more than 163 Expeditionary Learning schools nationwide. Escuela Avancemos! is the first EL school in the state of Michigan. We believe children learn best through personal, direct experience. Expeditionary Learning begins with children’s curiosity about the world. It harnesses children’s natural passion to learn and helps them develop the curiosity, knowledge, skills, and personal qualities they need for successful adulthood. Learning expeditions-journeys into the unknown for a definite purpose – are the heart of this methodology. Students acquire knowledge and skills primarily through learning expeditions that make connections among all learning disciplines. Instruction is individualized, meeting the individual needs of every student. With project-based learning expeditions as the core element, Escuela Avancemos! curriculum includes:

  • Curriculum Crafter: Michigan’s content expectations an exciting project is underway to align it to the national standards for each content area.
  • Literacy-Rich Learning: Focusing on developing reading and writing skills in alignment with state and national education standards.
  • Applied Mathematics: Inquiry-based math curriculum in alignment with state and national educational standards.
  • Fieldwork: Allowing students to learn within and providing service to their community.
  • Adventure and Environmental Education: Challenging students, fostering teamwork, and nurturing students’ understanding of nature.
  • Integrated Fine Arts: Developing critical thinking and creativity within the curriculum.
  • Social Studies: Focusing on placed-based education while maximizing our local cultural resources.
  • Foreign Language Instruction: Emphasizing bilingualism (Spanish).
  • Social and Environmental Justice: Developing and understanding of integrity, caring for others and the earth.

Escuela Avancemos! is committed to providing a rich learning environment for students from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, student with a range of abilities, affinities, and strengths. We encourage enrollment by all members of the community. Escuela Avancemos! is a school for the people by the people.

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